Insurance for You

Insurance.We all need it, would probably be lost without it, and it’s safe to say that we all find arranging it long, drawn out and rather a nuisance.What type of cover do you need? What limit of indemnity do you require? At what point is your jewellery no longer covered under your contents insurance?

Apollo Insurance is here to help. Our aim is to shine a light on the world of insurance – to strip it down to its bare bones and provide clarity and understanding.

We’ll make the complex simple to understand, and ensure that your requirements are fulfilled with the cover you need. Put simply – we’ll do all the leg work and you can reap the benefits of knowing you’re protected.

Every client matters to Apollo, and we want to build a long lasting, trusting relationship with each and every one.Whatever your circumstances we’re here to help and ensure you don’t get caught in the minefield of price comparison sites and inadequate cover.