E-Cigarette Insurance

Comprehensive policies to insure you against future market developments

E-cigarette manufacturers, wholesalers and those who run an e-cigarette shop may be familiar with the difficulties in securing e-cigarette insurance. Fortunately, Apollo Insurance in Accrington, Manchester has specialised in the e-cigarette field since 2007, and has the knowledge and the tools to offer protection against the unique risks e-cigarettes pose.

In the face of a nationwide smoking ban and long-standing health concerns around smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes seemed to be the perfect solution. But they are not without their controversies, from reports that products have exploded to the still unknown impact on health.

The lengthy journey of the e-cigarette, from manufacturers in China to the customer can be problematic, as shop owners or wholesalers may find themselves in the liable firing line for a faulty product. As well as product and public liability risks, the size and value of e-cigarettes make them very tempting to thieves.

Because of concerns around e-cigarette side effects and dangers, many insurers are reluctant to offer comprehensive policies around e-cigarettes specifically.

At Apollo Insurance, we believe these challenging uncertainties are what make adequate e-cigarette insurance all the more vital. Our e-cigarette insurance covers companies across the UK, from small e-cigarette shops to larger wholesalers, providing expert protection against third party claims after purchase as well as theft.

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